Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Featured Institution: CESMA Italy CESMA Ital

CESMA's CHARTER programs are short classes designed for "edutourists" who would like to deeply experience the art, history, and culture of Italy while traveling throughout the country. Our programs combine formal classroom instruction and fun lab work with exciting fieldtrips to destinations such as Florence, Milan, the Mediterranean, the Alps, and the Langhe wine country to deliver an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

CHARTER is an acronym that stands for Cultural, Historical, and ARTistic Educational and Recreational programs. CESMA's rich experience in the conservation, management, and education of Italian cultural artifacts, history, and art provides a unique platform from which to offer lifelong learners around the world deep educational, as well as relaxing recreational experiences in Italy. The 2007 CHARTER Programs (Illuminated Manuscripts and Papermaking, Wall Painting: Fresco Style, Gold Leaf with Egg Tempera, Savor the Tastes and Styles of Northern Italy, Ancient Italian Art Production, and Ancient Italian Art Conservation) are focused on the culture and art of Northern Italy from the Roman Age to the modern day.

CESMA is an Italian institution committed to the preservation and conservation of Italian art, culture, and heritage and maintains activities in education, museum management, publishing, and edutourism. Learn more about CESMA's CHARTER Programs today!

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