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Italy: Master Scholarships in Design, Master Politecnico di Milano

Research of eligible students’ for Masters Scholarships
Master Politecnico di Milano – Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano addresses your institution, which is a relevant reference point in the cultural and commercial exchange with Italy. requests your cooperation in propagating news about qualified opportunities of post-university training:

MDS - Master in Strategic Design. Design of the Value Offering (in cooperation with MIP Politecnico). – 1st level – 10th edition, held in English. Duration 13 months. Design, management, technology and empowerment, for those oriented to work on the borderline between design and management.

MBC - Master in Brand Communication, the Project, the Construction and the Brand Management (in cooperation with AssoComunicazione) – 1st level – 8th edition. Duration 12 months. To manage the strategic thought of the brand as a Strategic Planner, Product Manager, Account and Media manager.

MA&C - Master in Art Direction e Copywriting. The creative couple of the future – 1st level – 2nd edition. Duration 12 months. From advertising to global communication, with 11 art directors of important agencies, for the communication of the brand of the future.

MDSPI - Master in Design for the Development of the Industrial Product – 1st level – 2nd edition. For the Product Design specialists, to run the entire procedure of realization of industrial products, from their conceiving to their production.

The complete information about the masters and the courses is on line in the site

For each of these courses our Academic Partners offer some scholarships to the eligible foreign designers, students and architects interested in specializing in Italy.
In order to be considered for a scholarship it is necessary to send a curriculum vitae by 10th september 2008 and have a fairly good knowledge of the Italian language.

For further information you may contact us at the phone number +39 02 23995864 or e-mail address: formazione[ at ]

Deadline: 10th september 2008

USA: AAUW International Fellowships

International Fellowships are awarded for full-time study or research to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Fellowships support one year of study in the United States at the Master’s, PhD or Postdoctural level. Six of these awards are available to members of International Federation of University Women affiliate organizations.

* Award Amount: $18,000; $20,000; $30,000
* Type of Award: Assistantship
* Grade Level: Graduate, Doctoral, Postdoctoral
* Postmark deadline: 1st of December

Questions about applications must be directed to the Iowa City office. Please do not contact the AAUW Educational Foundation office in Washington, D.C., or local branches for application information.

Please call 319/337-1716 ext. 60, e-mail, or write to the customer service center at
AAUW Educational Foundation
Dept. 60
301 ACT Drive
Iowa City, IA 52243-4030

Undergraduate Scholarship - Ateneo de Manila University

Those who cannot be in the Philippines to take the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) may replace it with the Scholastic Aptitude Test I (SAT I). Applicants who will take the SAT I in lieu of the ACET must submit a photocopy of the official SAT I results together with all the other requirements.

Take note that the SAT I must have been taken within the last two years prior to application. For those who have yet to take the SAT I, be sure to sign-up for the December 2008 schedule at the latest. Late SAT I results will not be accepted.

No financial aid is granted to foreign applicants.


Acquisition of Application Forms

Applicants may secure the application form from the Office of Admission and Aid, G/F Kostka Hall, Ateneo de Manila University or may download the application form at In downloading the Ateneo application kit, the following guidelines must be noted:

o Print the Ateneo application kit using black ink and short bond paper (8.5″ x 11″).
o Make sure to print out all required forms listed below:
+ Application Form
+ Principal’s Recommendation Form and Secondary School Records
+ Two (2) Recommendation Forms
+ Exam Permit
+ Acknowledgement Slip

Filling out the Application Form
o Fill out the application form carefully by printing (using ink) or typing all the information requested. Write N/A if the information is not applicable to you.
o missions can delay processing of application.
o Only application forms correctly and completely filled out will be accepted and processed

Submission of Requirements
o Submit all the requirements listed below:
+ Accomplished Application Form
+ Principal’s Recommendation and Secondary School Record (in sealed envelope)
+ Recommendation Form 1 (in sealed envelope)
+ Recommendation Form 2 (in sealed envelope)
+ Personal Essay
+ Exam Permit
+ Acknowledgement Slip

o Submit or mail requirements to the following address: Office of Admission and Aid, Kostka Hall, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Schools, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines 1108.
o Make sure to enclose the application fee of USD 50 or PHP 2,800 (cash or cheque). Cheques must be from a major US bank or its affiliated local banks. Please make cheque payable to “Ateneo de Manila University”. Application fee is non-refundable.

Deadline for submission:
+ Applicants taking the ACET must submit all requirements on or before August 15, 2008, Friday, 5:00 pm.
+ Applicants replacing the ACET with the SAT I must submit all requirements on or before November 22, 2008, Saturday, 12:00 nn.

Application Decisions
o Decision letters will be mailed directly to the applicant.
o Please get in touch with the office if no decision letter is received by March 2009

An annual “foreign / non-resident student fee” of PHP 27,825.00 (may vary slightly per schoolyear) will be collected upon enrollment from accepted foreign students / non-resident Filipinos. A Filipino is considered “non-resident” if he or she has not met the residency requirement of three years of schooling in the Philippines. Exemptions may be granted to missionaries and religious; Filipinos who are children of Overseas Filipino Workers; and children of returning Filipino expatriates. A letter requesting for exemption and supporting papers must be submitted upon confirmation.

The foreign student / non-resident student fee is not applicable to the following: special exchange students, non-degree students and students on audit.

Accepted foreigners are required to take three (3) courses in the National Language - Filipino as part of the Ateneo curriculum.

Foreign transfer applicants must read up on the transfer guidelines.

Downloadable Application Form
The application form is available for download for FOREIGN FRESHMAN APPLICANTS ONLY. Please click here.

Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Heights Campus
Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108, Philippines
TELEPHONE (+63.2)426.6001 (trunkline connecting to all departments)
Copyright © 2006 Ateneo de Manila University.
more info click here

Europe: 13 PhD Positions in New EU Funded Marie Curie Initial Training Network

13 PhD positions in new EU funded Marie Curie Initial Training Network:
DESIRE – Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology

Coordinator: Lancaster University, UK

Partners: Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, University of Milan in Italy, The Portuguese Catholic University in Portugal, University of Aveiro in Portugal, and Philips Research in The Netherlands.

Initial Deadline: 15 September 2008

DESIRE aims to make theoretical contributions to the field of creative design by bringing together expertise in human computer interaction, psychology, arts and design. The network aims to advance our understanding of creative design processes applied in the scientific and technological problem solving. This will lead to the elaboration of (i) theories and models of creative processes in general, and those involved in creative problem solving in particular, and (ii) a toolbox of methods, techniques and systems to support both creative design processes and creativity training.

The network places particular emphasis on the research training to be provided to successful candidates. Thus, each researcher will benefit from a rich training program that will take advantage of both local and network wide activities, as well as of conferences and summer schools.

Applications are invited for 13 studentships on creative design, 4 of which at Lancaster University, UK. The positions are funded by the EU for 36 months. The network requires expertise from various disciplines and the specific requirements as well as details about each individual projects can be found at: Aligned with the specific requirements of each project, the applicants should have a good degree in Computer Science, Psychology, Design or Arts. They should also have the ability to work independently and as part of a group, possess good communication skills, and be able to write high quality technical reports. The working language in this project is English. We encourage applications from all interested students, regardless of gender, race, disability, etc. The network aims to appoint women to at least 40% of the positions.

Restrictions: Candidates should have less than 4 years of research experience. Positions are open to candidates of any nationality with the exception that the student may not have resided in the country of the host institution for more than one year in the 3 years before appointment.

Application process: To discuss project opportunities, please contact either the lead supervisor, for information on a specific project, or the Coordinator for general enquiries (see contact details below).

The initial closing date for formal applications is 15 September. Review of applications and references will begin in October 2008 and will continue until the positions are filled. We expect successful candidates to join the network between October and December 2008. Formal applications should be
emailed to the Coordinator and should include:

1. Full CV
2. Names of three referees
3. A statement of your academic interests, including the DESIRE projects in which you are interested (up to 3 in rank order) and the reasons for your preference. Please do not exceed 2 sides of A4.
4. Publication list

Dr. Corina Sas
Computing Department
South Drive
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0)1524 510318
Fax: +44(0)1524 510492
Email: corina[ at ]

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Study Visits to Germany by Foreign Students

Group Visits to Germany by Foreign Students for Study Trips / Study Seminars and Practicals. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funds Study Visits and Study Seminars and Practicals in the Federal Republic of Germany by groups of foreign students under the direction of university teachers.

I. Funding Objectives
In the case of Study Seminars and Practicals, the programme aims to encourage a policy of reciprocal invitation, although this does not constitute a condition of support, which means that funding can initially also be given for visits in only one direction.
Cultural events (e.g. concert trips) may be funded if the focus is on subject-specific meetings between students and the relevance to higher education is proven.
A maximum of one application per year can be considered per department, institute and applicant. Required/mandatory excursions or measures which have already been carried out cannot be funded.

II. Target Group and Length of Stay
Funding can be provided for groups of students who are fully matriculated in their third semester or higher in a respective degree programme at a foreign university and who travel under guidance and direction of a university teacher. Groups must be made up of at least 10 participants and must not, as a rule exceed 15 persons. One university teacher may additionally be funded as an accompanying person.
Group Visits and Study Seminars and Practicals should last no less than 7 days. Funding is available for a maximum 12 days (including travel days), although the stays may last longer.

III. Funding
The DAAD takes out health, accident and public/private liability insurance for each funded group. Due to the limited financial resources, the DAAD reserves the right to reduce the level of funding. It is assumed that the universities or other sponsors (e.g. support associations, companies from business and industry) will contribute to the overall costs, so that the personal contribution to be made by participants remains at a reasonable level.

Regulations applying to Indonesia (among other countries)
a) Programme planning
The DAAD plans the programme design. Wishes and preferences stated in the application form will, as far as possible, be taken into consideration. However, it is likely that cuts or changes will be made to the programme due to decisions reached by the selection committees. The DAAD provides a travel guide fluent in the agreed group language who is responsible for the smooth running of and compliance with the programme drawn up by DAAD Head Office

b) Meals and accomodation
As a rule, groups will be accommodated in twin or three-bed rooms in hotels or youth guesthouses/hostels. The DAAD pays the subsistence costs (meals and accommodation) for the group (including for the group leader and, where appropriate, bus driver) during the stay in Germany.

c) Transport
The DAAD decides on the choice of means of transport. In many cases, a coach/bus will be used to ensure that the visit programme schedule can run smoothly. In the case of groups that cannot travel to Germany with their own coach/bus, the DAAD can hire a coach/bus for travel within Germany. If the group travels in a coach/bus not hired by the DAAD, a seat must be available for the DAAD guide; in such cases, the DAAD will pay the fuel costs for travel within Germany. For some programme points, however, use of public transport may be more suitable. The conditions will be advised on an individual basis.
The DAAD regrets that it is unable to pay any international travel costs.

IV. Application papers
1. Application form (download here ) ; including budget and list of participants
2. Reasons for and contentual description of the programme for one subject area, including a precise list of the visit and tour preferences, both in terms of subject-related (academic) content and of German area studies content. Vague or generally-worded descriptions (e.g. visits to museums, universities) are not acceptable.
3. Schedule (in tabular form)
4. Description of the contentual preparation for the group trip (e.g. preparatory seminars).
5. Proof of contacts on the German side (in the case of Study Trips), especially in higher education (e.g. by sending invitations or letters of confirmation).
Proof of contacts on the foreign side (in the case of Study Seminars and Practicals) who state their opinion on the importance of the Study Seminar and Practical specified in the application and on how this seminar or practical is integrated into the academic progress of the foreign participants.
(General agreements, cooperation agreements and so on are not, on their own, sufficient proof and can only be submitted as support for the proof of contacts)

Applications must be submitted in such good time as to ensure that they reach the DAAD by the following deadlines (Date of Receipt at the DAAD in Bonn).
- 01 February for trips to begin at the 01.06 (DAAD decision made at the mid of April)
- 01 May for trips to begin at the 01.09 (DAAD decision made at the mid of July)
- 01 November for trips begin at the 01.03 (DAAD decision made at the mid of January)
Applicants are recommended in all cases to use the most recent version of this information Sheet and the corresponding Application Form when submitting their application.

V. Study Trips
Applications may be placed by university teachers from foreign universities. Applications must be written in German or English and submitted to DAAD Jakarta Office one month prior to the deadline specified above. DAAD Jakarta will forward the applications to the DAAD in Bonn together with a statement of opinion.
Before placing the application, please inquire the DAAD Jakarta Office as to the latest date by which the application must have been submitted (recieved) there in order to ensure that the application reaches the DAAD in Bonn by 01 February, 01 May respectively 01 November.

VI. Study Seminars and Practicals
Applications may be placed by university teachers from German universities. Applications must be submitted to the DAAD via the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) of the German university.

DAAD Jakarta Office
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 61-62
Summitmas I, 19th Floor,
Jakarta 12190
Tel.: (021) 520 08 70, 525 28 07
Fax: (021) 525 28 22
Consultation hours:
Monday - Thursday (13:30 - 16:00)

Referat 224
Kennedyallee 50
D - 53175 Bonn
Responsible desk officer:
Ms. Katharina Klein
Phone:+ 49 228 882 370
Fax: + 49 228 882 447

Ms. Julia Loellgen
Phone:+ 49 228 882 328
Fax: + 49 228 882 447

Australia: PhD Scholarships for Research in Indonesia on Community, Environment and Local Governance Issues

Expressions of interest are sought for two PhD scholarship positions to carry out field research in Indonesia on community, environment and local governance issues.

The successful candidates will work with a team of experienced researchers - Dr Greg Acciaioli (UWA), A/Prof Anton Lucas and Dr Jim Schiller (Flinders), Dr John McCarthy (ANU), and A/Prof Carol Warren (Murdoch), as well as collaborating researchers in the Netherlands and Indonesia on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project entitled `Social Capital, Natural Resources and Local Governance in Indonesia`. The project will focus on case studies of local decision-making on environmental issues in the context of conservation and development programs in different regions of Indonesia. It aims to improve understanding of contemporary community dynamics in a range of cultural and ecological settings, as well as the practical implications of local participation and capacity building interventions for achieving equity and sustainability outcomes.

The two candidates will be based at Flinders University in Adelaide and Murdoch University in Perth respectively, with location and supervision determined by the focus and site of each student`s component of the project. It is anticipated that one student will work in a coastal community where marine conservation issues are the focus of research, while the second student will focus on a primarily agrarian research site in which World Bank / AusAID / NGO local capacity building, conservation and development projects are being conducted.

Essential criteria include:
* a first-class Honours or Masters degree with a thesis component in a relevant social science field
* advanced fluency in Indonesian language
* field research or other equivalent community/overseas experience
* ability to work independently and as part of a team

Potential applicants should send an initial expression of interest (2 pages) addressing the following points:
a) personal details - name, birth date, citizenship status, address, phone and email
b) academic qualifications - degrees, major areas of study, undergraduate grade point average, honours result
c) title of honours thesis or other significant piece of research, and a brief account of the main argument and approach/methodology adopted
d) level of competence in quantitative and/or qualitative research methods
e) level of proficiency in the Indonesian language
f) study, work or volunteer experience in Indonesia
g) research interests
h) contact information for two referees who can comment on your academic background and suitability for undertaking this research project

Each scholarship is for a three-year period with a stipend of $25,118 per annum (tax free) and up to $10,000 of additional funding for fieldwork in Indonesia. A relocation allowance will be provided where a move to Adelaide or Perth is required to join the project.

A shortlist will be determined by the research team in September, at which point applicants will be requested to submit full formal applications and documentation to either Flinders or Murdoch University. The successful candidates are expected to take up their appointments no later than February 2009.

Please forward initial expressions of interest as outlined above by email to:
Professor Carol Warren,
Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University

China: Ph.D Scholarship in China - Sun Yat-sen University

My university is recruiting oversea graduate students including master and Ph.D with Ph.D the preference. The students will be fully supported by the Chinese government fellowship including tuition fee and living allowance for 3 years. I will accept 1 to 2 students in the major of Hydrology, water resources, GIS/remote sensing. If you have appropriate students who are interested in pursuing master or Ph.d degree in China, please ask them to contact me and send me their CV, Chinese or English proficiency is required, otherwise, one more year for learning Chinese will be needed that will also be supported by the fellowship.

Yangbo Chen Dr. Prof.
Secretary, International Commission of Remote Sensing(ICRS) of IAHS
Director, Joint Lab of Water Disaster and Hydroinformatics
Vice-Director, Natural Disaster Research Center
Sun Yat-sen University
Guangzhou, China, 510275
Tel(Fax): +86(20)84114269

Italy: Scholarships for the PhD Program in Business Administration, University of Bologna

The PhD program in Business Administration of the University of Bologna trains brilliant researchers in the fields of management, by offering courses in several areas such as organization theory, business strategy, marketing, technology and innovation management, research methods, statistics, econometrics. In addition to the courses, PhD students have the opportunity to attend seminars held by internationally renowned scholars, present their work at conferences, spend a research period of at least 6 months in international academic institutions. The courses are held in English. The PhD in Business Administration (3-year program) is organized by the Department of Management of the University of Bologna (, in cooperation with the University LUISS Guido Carli of Rome and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

In order to apply, a Master degree (laurea specialistica/magistrale) is required. The 2009 edition of the PhD in Business Administration (24th cycle) will start in January 2009. 10 students will be admitted to the program and 5 scholarships will be offered. The number of scholarship-assisted places may increase thanks to the financial support of public or private institutions. The net amount of the scholarship is around 1000 Euro per month, for a 3-year period. The amount of the scholarship can be increased during the research period spent abroad (+50%) and through assistantships in teaching or contract research activities. Applications from foreign students are encouraged.

For further details on the PhD program in Business Administration, the admission requirements and the selection procedures, please visit the website.

or contact the PhD Coordinator, Professor Federico Munari (federico.munari[ at ]

The call for application will be published at the beginning of August 2008 on this website.
The deadline to submit all the application documents (approx. 10th September 2008) will be specified in the call.

Find the best trainers in technology

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Once you’ve made your decision about whom you’d like to hire, the first question to ask is: Has the candidate gathered/learned all the information needed to make a decision.

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USA: Postodoctoral Position in Age-Related Diseases, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Biology of Aging & Age-Related Diseases Training Grant is an established, multidisciplinary grant funded by NIH that focuses on basic mechanisms of aging, preventive interventions & clinical problems of older adults. There are 25 faculty trainers from 14 departments, including Project Dir. Sanjay Asthana.

For further information about the training grant and a list of training grant faculty, see Earliest Start Date: October 1, 2008. Must be US citizen or permanent resident by time of appointment and must have completed the advanced degree by the start of the appointment. This opening is intended for individuals who are committed to a research career in the biology of aging and intend to spend a minimum of two years in the postdoctoral position.

TO APPLY, submit the following BY August 22, 2008. Include a cover statement that describes the biology of aging research you wish to pursue while on this grant, the name of a UW faculty trainer with whom you wish to work, your thesis title and preceptors name. Also provide your CV, transcripts of all college coursework (copies okay), transcript of GRE or MCAT scores, and 3 letters of recommendation. If advanced degree is outside U.S., include certification of equivalency to a U.S. college degree. Submit to Training Grant Application, Institute on Aging, 2245 MSC, 1300 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706, dweber[ at ]